We are one of the oldest law firms in Pretoria and have proven that we are indeed SUSTAINABLE.


STRETCHING: We continually stretch ourselves to learn more, gain more experience and deliver increasingly excellent service to all our clients. This takes commitment and effort.


UNDERSTOODThe team knows what needs to be achieved, what is required and why it is important. We understand the needs of our clients and meet them consistently.


SUPPORTED: Our work ethic is supported by strategic mind-set, a plan of action, and definitive direction which ensures success.


TIME BOUND: Everyone knows what needs to be achieved and by when. We strive to finalize all matters with competent speed.


ACHIEVABLE: We operate within realistic confines of time and resources and advise our clients accordingly.


INCLUSIVE: Our qualified and efficient team are all drawn into our mission to deliver only the best legal services.


NEGOTIATED: Objectives are agreed upon rather than opposed. Many disputes can be settled out of court without sacrificing our clients’ interests.


ANSWERABLE: We measure performance outcome, not the activity. Our ethics and reputation are solid.


BELIEVED: We do not only invest our time and energy into our work and company - we believe in it.


LINKED: Our objectives and work ethics are consistent with the company’s goals.


EXPLAINED: Our advice to clients is clearly stated with measurable outcomes.