Our Banking & Finance Practice advises banks and financial organizations across the spectrum of finance-related law.


Snyman de Jager renders litigation services in the Magistrate’s Court as well as the Supreme Court.  We specialize in Divorce law and Family law related matters.


We at Snyman de Jager Attorneys believe in quality service of the highest standards.  We use our own boundless capabilities to give you the upper hand to collect your outstanding debt with highly trained and dedicated staff, which enables you to focus on your business.



We have a substantial contractual drafting and negotiating experience and also seen numerous and countless circumstances where our work product has been called upon to achieve its intended outcome; in most instances to prevent litigation, but on occasion to protect our client within the legal system. Knowing how a judge or jury has viewed particular provisions helps us draft better agreements.


We offer extensive services in dealing with family and matrimonial matters.  As important as being in love, it is just important to know your rights, before the big day.

We can assist you with :

Ante-nuptial agreements;
Divorce Law;
Family Law and related matters


Medical negligence is a field where you sustain personal injury and/or disability from the negligence of another party.  Medical negligence is sometimes more difficult to prove than other cases.  Here we can offer our competence. Whether it is a negligent Doctor or Hospital, we can help you get compensation for your matter.



Personal injury claims can be launched for a variety of incidents, including slip and fall claims, road accident claims, medical negligence claims and any other incident involving another person who was the sole and direct cause of your injury.  When you have suffered a personal injury that was not your fault, you may be eligible for monetary compensation to cover the costs of the damages incurred.


We form lasting relationships with our clients which include, but are not limited to sellers, estate agents, financial institutions and developers.  We provide our clients with sound advice, explain the procedures involved in specific transactions, the costs involved in such transactions, up to date feedback and follow-up services.



Snyman de Jager has the knowledge and experience to assist you and to ensure that your claim is properly calculated and submitted to the RAF in accordance with the Act and Regulations.   We have the knowledge and experience to advise you whether the amount offered by the RAF to settle your claim is fair and reasonable in the circumstances of your case.



As part of our Estate Division we also provide advice on estate planning.  It is sometimes advisable to create a trust in order to limit the estate duty payable from an estate.  Proper estate planning is invaluable.   Our Trust and Estate planning department consists of experienced, committed and competent staff, counselling individuals and families on protecting their wealth. Our experienced lawyers concentrate exclusively on formulating and implementing strategies to transfer resources and preserve capital for clients and their families. When you consult with one of our lawyers, it is important to ensure that every aspect if your estate will be handled professionally and with personal attention. Our lawyers know how to approach complex issues with your best interests in mind, and how to protect you against future legal problems.