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Our Address

1st Floor, Tamboti Office,
River Falls Office Park, 202 Rose Avenue
Doringkloof, Gauteng
PO BOX 8365, Centurion, 0046, Gauteng
Telephone: (012) 663 1680
FAX: (012) 663 2030

C/O Atterbury , Manitoba Faerie Glen
Top floor, Attebury Boulevard Shopping Centre
​PO Box 35163, Menlo Park, 0102, Gauteng
Telephone: (012) 348 3120
FAX: (012) 348 3110

Suite 007, Ground Floor,
Mt Quarry 1, Midlands, ​
Midstream Estates, Gauteng
PO Box 8365, Centurion, 0046, Gauteng
Telephone: (012) 940 3993
FAX: (012) 663 2030


Due to the risk of fraud, you should not act on any email purportedly from us changing our trust account details, but please inform us immediately should you receive any such notice. We will never change our trust account details.

Likewise, any change to client's banking details will only be accepted upon written proof of such new account, delivered in person to our offices.